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Duram Crystoseal is a waterproofing slurry containing 'waterproofing crystalls' which 'grow' into concrete surfaces to create waterproof barrier inside the concrete.

Typical applications would be the waterproofing of the inside, i.e. negative side of concrete, or concrete filled blockwork retaining walls. Cystroseal is an excellent enhancement to other Duram waterproofing systems for concrete.

Crystoseal often 'saves the day' when convential membranes can no longer be applied.

Important: Refer to the product data sheet for more information.

Crystoseal is a powder and is mixed with water and and easily applied as a slurry by roller or brush.

Important: Refer to information and instructions on the product data sheet.
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Product Datasheet
Material Safety Datasheet
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Crystoseal 20kg
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