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Finesse - Spray-on 'sand-stone' finish texture coating
Spray-on sand-stone finish texture coating does not begin to describe the stylish and decorative appeal of this product. Finesse is tinted to your requirements. Unlike some finishes, this is the...
Hessian Toro - Glove Applied Texture Coating
Part texture -part bagging slurry and part paint = 100% briliant high build coating with unlimited application variations giving a special look to any building or home. Applied by gloved hand allow...
Impress - Roll-on acrylic texture coating giving a grainy textured finish.
Impress is a high build acrylic coating incorportaing graded aggregates to provide a coating with a grainy textured finish. No more boring paint! Important: Refer the product data sheet for addi...
Maxi-Trowel - Trowel-on Decorative Scratch Coat
Traditional trowl on scratch finished coating in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. Timeless beauty! Trowell on and finished in either vertical (usual) for swirl or random pattren to provide the ultimate in the ...
Maxibond - Bonding agent to enhance the adhesion properties of subsequent coatings.
Maxibond is a water - based bonding agent which in some applications can be used as a primer.The product can be mixed into sand/cement to form a tough and durable slurry coat.
MaxiCrete [Patch Fine] - Smooth Patching, Facing, Skimming, Filling, Pre-Mixed Compound
Simply a great smooth patching, skimming compound that is easy to apply and easy to sand and finish. Perfect to prepare substrates for paint or texture coatings. Important: Refer to product data sh...
Maxiflex - High Build, Roll-on, Decorative, Flexible Coating With Exceptional Weatherproofing.
For a coating that looks fantastic, in your required colour and provides a highly flexible and weartherproofing finish - Maxiflex is what you want! More than a paint, more than a roll-on texure fin...
Maxijoint - This product is excellent for filling of joints in Blue Board or similar.
Single pack, Trowel-on, Polymer Jointing Compound.
Maxipatch - Polymer Render single pack.
Single pack - premixed suitable for internal or external applications ideal for usage in jointing of blue board as well as skim coating of blue board
Maxiprime - Primer for many of the Duramax Texture Coatings
Duramax Maxiprime is a versatile primer for many of the Duramax texture coatings. Maxiprime aids adhesion and application of subsequent coatings to most building surfaces.
Maxiseal - Penerative sealer/ primer with a low gloss finish.
Maxiseal is a premium clear, solvent based acrylic primer and sealer.It is formulated for penetration into most porous building surfaces to provide an excellent priming coat for the application of tex...
Maxitex - Bold, High Build, Acrylic Texture Coating With A Stipple Texture Finish
Prestige Sandstone - Trowel-on Texture Coating Giving a 'Sandstone' Finsh.
Modern yet classic - always in fashion and never dates. That is the timeless beauty of a sandstone finish in the colour of your choice. Enhances the look of any building or home! You have to see it...
Render MaxiCoarse - Polymer enhanced, pre-blended, bag mix, coarse float render.
MaxiCoarse Render - is a bag-mix, pre-blended, polymer fortified, easy to use, cement render in a coarse float finish. MaxiCoarse Render is designed for use as a superior base coat render, applied b...
Render MaxiFine - Pre-Blended, polymer fortified, bag mix, thin section render, providing a classic fine finish.
MaxiFine Render is a pre-blended, bag mix, which encorprates sophisticated polymer technology to provide a water resistant, easy to apply, thin section render in a classic fine finish.
Supreme - High Build, Decorative, Acrylic, Roll-on, Texture Coating
Beautiful, functional, protective coating. Supreme in name, supreme in looks, supreme in performance. Sutiable for application on most suitably prepared surfaces including, render, concrete, block ...
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